Obama: Hope for Modern Democracy

Hope for More Democracy

Hope for More Democracy

I stood awake very late last night to get first results about the election’s results, but as nothing was said at more than 1 o’clock, I set on my alarm very early this morning and.. WOW! What an AMAZING and great surprise!

I read the full transcript of Barak Obama’s first presidential speech , watched on CNN, shed a few tears and was struck by some very powerful sentences:
“I will listen to you, especially when we disagree”.
“I hear your voices.”
“I need your help”.
“I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation”….

Doesn’t this sound like social media bottom line credo?
Democracy is by essence the participation of individuals into the political playground:
Democracy is a form of government in which the supreme power is held completely by the people under a free electoral system. It is derived from the Greek δημοκρατία ([dimokratia] (help·info)), “popular government” which was coined from δήμος (dēmos), “people” and κράτος (kratos), “rule, strength“. […]

So back to the present: by engaging each American to the development’s process, by encouraging the dialog with everybody, isn’t Obama just playing the rules of social media? Or is his victory already the result of having played those rules, knowing that he, better than any politician before, understood the mechanism of social media and gave truly the word to anyone?

This would mean that social media, web 2.0, is just the reflection of a larger reality, or, maybe, it is its projected image? The tool that enhances democracy.
I am sure that this subect has been dealt many times and much deeper by bloggers.

It also strikes me how much love Barack Obama inspires, a true emotion fills me when I hear him and, that too, must be a clue in his success, it makes people act, engage, and surely, respond when he says “Yes, we can”.

Yes, I can: get committed to my dreams.
And you? What kind of link between Obama’s victory, social media and democracy do you see?

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