Thank you #liftpeople #lift10

Once again, this edition of Lift Conference has been inspiring, at different levels. Inspiring, thought-provoking talks, format, overall design, experience area.

And people.

Short or longer exchanges, moments, with people (image) unlocked this last inner tiny resisting bolt.
Time for change.
I’ll remain engaged on the sides of Sosoftware, which I am member of the Board of, as a strategic and marketing advisor. Besides this, I would like to explore other tracks, bridging my interests, experience and skills to help other projects, companies, people in the vast field of #digital #marketing. To be specified, yet.

What do you think? Your take? Ideas, maybe?

The image speaks for me (thank you all).

Special thanks to Sevket, designer.

And to Bread-and-Butter for the original poster of Lift and for the overall lift’s design, part of Lift’s success, I am convinced.
(The role of art in interaction, events, has been discussed in René Paré’s workshop)

8 thoughts on “Thank you #liftpeople #lift10

  1. curiosity got you Claudia! :) enthusiasm is the base of all progress. alle the best for your new plans – i´m sure with your experience you can move something!

  2. Finally (after years) I understand more clearly the meaning of —Digital Native —
    Why ?? – Just meet Claudia @LIFT…….(( be patient….)) … bcause she know EVERYBODY……!!! or EVERYBODY know her….(don’t know exactly in which way….)
    Thx to Claudia – I have been to LIFT 2010 in Geneva – ((she pushed me)) and thx for all ideas (the best — how to do list….I received from her. )) –
    You are my best reference in the Digital Net+++work.
    ((lente monté de la musik………..)

  3. Thank you, Claudia, you convinced Ludan to come; meeting him has been a highlight of lift10! Bring him to Combremont.. and the same time, you come, too ;-))
    And Sevket? Come all to Combremont!

  4. I don’t have a blog (yet) to post this on, so this will have to do:
    thank you, Claudia!

  5. Very thoughtful and sweet of you, Claudia. (What else could we expect from you?) Keep up the great spirit and energy you have and share with others.
    See you soon. Cheers.

  6. Thank you Claudia, I am honoured and touched to be included on your list. It was tremendous to be able to spend time talking with you. And a big shout out to Cesare, Giorgio, Anna, Sigfried, and Sevket :-)

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