Dress For A Party Every Day And The Party Will Come to You

One day before next TEDxLausanne opens its doors and one day after my birthday, I’d like to share this inspiring talk of Steve Bridge from last year’s conference, one that could inspire you every day of the year:

“Dress for a party every day and the party will come to you”


So, I’ll be dressed for a party for the theme: “What if we do(n’t)? “

Read My #Paperli Daily News Rather Than My Twitter Account

A couple of months ago, during a lift@home event – Think Data, sitting among a couple of other “happy fews”, we assisted to the presentation of a brand new project, called “paper.li“, by Small Rivers. The idea? To create a new kind of “newspaper”, online, offering the quintessence of curated information through the lense of a person (until now, her or his Twitter account) by a subtle and complex aggregation between the shared tweets of that person and followers. The initial project has improved a lot, allowing for instance to create a newspaper based on a #hashtag or a Twitter list.
paperli claudiafalt ClaudiaFaltysBenassi Daily

One of the main benefits is to offer to a specific audience an “augmented information“: selected, curated, and augmented by the “curator” and her/his “followers”. The resulting aggregated information, displaying multi-media formats – videos, pictures, slideshare, tags, themes, real-time tweets, selected articles, links, ..- is a highly value-added information.

In these times where it is very challenging to sort the “good” information out of an ever-increasing “noise”, this Daily Newspaper is a breathe of fresh air… and a gain of time!

For your followers, for your company, for your customers, try to think of the best Paper.li that could offer them most of added-value? Think of a theme (a hashtag on Twitter), a Twitterlist?

For me, for you, I’m of the meaning that http://www.paper.li/claudiafalt, aka The ClaudiaFaltysBenassi Daily is of higher value than my Twitter account (@claudiafalt), if you want to have a “bigger picture” of the key trends and sectors I follow and share. Above all if your are NOT on Twitter.
Some great examples I like to follow:
The #etourisme Daily: a field I’m active and interested in (in French, here), gives me in a glimpse the major information of the latest 24 hours. Easy to stay up-to-date, easy to share!
The Musee de l’Elysee Daily : for personal interest in arts (in my region and wider)
The EdelmanDigital Daily: for same kind of things as on mine, but far more popular! (shared by @armano) (Note: I don’t publicize my Daily Paper.li on Twitter)
So many interesting newspapers out there!

Personnally, I decided to share this link as one of my major (most representative) digital accounts on my LinkedIn Status and added it to my other “websites”. Still thinking how to organize next steps, for example for the business card.

Since I’m committed to share information that 1. I read thoroughly 2. I think is worth to share, and since I decided to broadcast my daily Paper.li, I’ll be more restrictive with the people I follow, in order to offer a valuable information.

For the moment, as you cannot interact yet via paper.li, it’s still a restriction for a broader adoption (as of right now, but things seem to evolve very quickly).

But you can already import your Daily paper into a blog or site (click on “promote”), (not yet for wordpress.com..).

For more, up-to-date information, on Twitter, follow @SmallRivers

And you? Did you plan to integrate a Paper.li Daily on your blog? For your company?
Do you already follow some paper.li’s Daily News? Would you like to share them?
Here’s a video of one of the co-founders explaining Paper.li during lift10Conference (via the article below)

Some more articles (French):
Paper.li: la veille sur Twitter
Le Temps: SmallRivers, de l’eau au moulin des média

From Lift08 to Lift09: Convergent Tracks

clo 40
One year ago, at Lift08 in Geneva, I opened this blog coached by Stephanie Booth, but not really knowing exactly where this would lead me to.

Some things were clear, though: first, I had to dive into that field, would it be only for professional purposes. Actually, how could I ever be able to counsel, roll out general marketing strategies without even having tested a slight, but important part, of social media? I knew part of the theory, time had come to go on to practice! Secondly, I also wanted to experiment that playground to express a personal point of view agregating personal and professional interests. A kind of convergence, that lead naturally to “Convergent Tracks”.

So now, one year later, about to starting Lift09 (my third consecutive year), I take this opportunity to make the point, see a bit of what happened during this past year and how it lead to a personal convergence.

My mind broadened at Lift 08. It is hard to explain, I know I’m not the only one, but after having heard people like Genevieve Bell or Paul Dourish, I felt I could’nt just stay on the side of the road. I had to ride my engine and start off!
Freedom, breaking limits, thinking out of the box: a track was born! Internal.

Then, another intimate event happened: my uncle’s passaway. He was a visionair. A missionnair. His death acted on me like a trigger and, sadly, but happily at the same time (it’s in concordance with his spirit), brought me to my first post. The idea of converging tracks.
Convergence, yes. Ok. But where? To what?

At that time, I started to analyze plethora of blogs, news, and others. I already related that part here, the Mad Link, and From Conversation to Conversion. I started creating public profiles, a Twitter account, linking to like-minded people, linking all these links together, commenting and so on. Always genuily. Following my personal moral code.
The contacts springing out of this were nice, warmful and inspireful, helpful and open. The idea of converging tracks. Again. Slightly more on the public side.
But I also started to integrate the company I work for (and with and in) into my social/public flows. Another convergent track, yet.

Then, a personal “event” happend: the jump into the 40’s!
Short before: plenty of questions, doubts, hesitations.
Then, the birthday. Yes, I think the word “Birthday” has its full meaning, here.
If I could have had any unrevealed dreams, they all happened at that moment! (or close)
At that very moment, in the middle of all the people I so preciously loved, I felt totally INTEGRATED! My inner “me” was integrated.

My past, my origins, my aborted dreams, my friends, my family, my choices, my passions, all had become fully integrated!

The counsciousness of this opened for me an unlimited space of freedom.
Integrating this feeling to what I had learned and experimented during one year lead me to now: A FULL CONVERGENCE, from Lift 08 to Lift 09, from intimate to global convergence.

So, it is with wide open eyes that I am going to first day of Lift09.

What’s next?

Image: by my friend, Lats Kladny, CEO of http://www.inox.com (you know, the guys that make Uma Thurman say: “What are you made of?, for Tag Heuer” Or Eva Herzigova, for Chopard, Luxury Jewels..?
Follow me on Twitter @claudiafalt for realtime LIFT09 ideas, news, insights…

You know it’s the crisis, when …

Swiss Jura
… you climb the Jura instead of the Alps – and enjoy!
… you buy brand new ski shoes, have a blister – and still do the bumps!
… you buy your favorite ELLE – what dress for Christmas? And you wear the same as last year’s!
… you buy an amazing camera, ask for the “blond button” – and take amazing pictures!
… you give free consulting, without even being asked – and you think “that’s the crisis!”
… you are 40 and you say: “The crisis? What crisis?” (The Midlife Downturn!)

… you step back up to the Jura, leave your sunglasses, forget that Blond Button and see the most beautiful landscape, out of the box, spreading in front of you, every snow crystal reflecting your eyes sparkling.
… You know. It’s not. The crisis.

to be or not to be- a Barbie

Who are we?

Big question at which some brilliant speakers gave parts of answers at TED, related by Bruno Giussani, in LunchoverIP.

It starts with “to be or not to be”…
Is it still the fundamental question underlying “who are we” in this era where real identity is starting to merge with virtual identity? Where secrets and lies* are behind every online identity? Where is the truth? What is reality? What is identity?

I don’t have the presomption to answer those questions, I just wanted to add some thoughts:

First, I pick the most essential information among all others: statistics say: “In 2006 every month 32’000 breast augmentation surgeries were performed in the US”. It’s becoming a popular high-school graduation gift!” Too late for me! Unfortunately or fortunately??

This incredible figure comes from Chris Jordan, who shed his particular point of view in the following way:
Breast image1 Breast image2 Breast Barbies > more explanations here.

I love the idea of the Barbies! As a shortcut between many issues: image, intelligence, inside/outside, etc..

Let’s have a look at Jill Bolte Taylor, ‘s testimonial (at the same place): she had a strike in her brain’s left hemisphere . The one that tells me ” I am” and makes me feel separate from others. She says: “[I] realized I could no longer define the boundaries of my body, of where I begin and where I end, the molecules of my arm were like blended with those of the wall,[…]”

So, if my physical reality is a perception of my brain, what am I? Am I reduced to a pair of silicon “valleys”? The only one thing in me that is not a perception but tangible?
It’s strange: as if the humanity’s identity could be revealed by its “artificiality”: artificial breasts, hips, teeth, hearts…
And a flow of bits of true virtual identities, made out of truth and lies…

Oh, fortunately, our right brain’s hemisphere is there too!

Our right hemisphere is all about this very moment, righ here right now. It thinks in pictures, Information in the form of energy streams in simultaneously through all of our sensory system and then it explodes into what this present moment feels like. I’m an energy being connected to the energy all around me through the consciousness of my right hemisphere. And through that we are all connected. And in this moment we are perfect, whole, and beautiful.[…]
And she concludes:
“So who are we? We are the life horsepower of the universe, and we have the power to choose moment by moment who we want to be in the world, we can choose the consciousnesses of our right hemisphere or that of our left hemisphere. These are the “we” inside of me. Which would you choose? Which do you choose? And when? […]

We are safe! We have the choice.

And, when the doubt grasps us, we still have a solution:

the Meaning of my Life

*Secrets, lies & the possible perils of truthful technology: Genevieve Bell at LIFT 08

Infinitely small to infinitely big

What’s the link between LIFT, blog, coffee, the world, the atom, the intimate and the infinite?
Dottore Ernesto Illy. My uncle.

He invented the espresso, Illy caffè, and brought it all over the world, like a missionair, the coffee evangelist, teaching everyone how to prepare it, how to taste it, even how to cultivate it.
As a chemist, he studied different aspects of the coffee and its mollecules, analyzing its impacts on human health, on the taste. He developed in his laboratory sophisticated engines to obtain the best roasted beans. Saying that one could taste if only one bean was corrupted in the whole process of making a cup of espresso!
So, on one side he harnesslessly researched and created the best possible coffee, say on a technical point of view. He even created international scientific coffe associations. He also helped a whole region in Brazil to develop and learn how to grow high quality of coffe, sustaining them with a higher purchase price (among others).

On the other hand, he travelled all over the world, all his lifelong, to spread the good word, the love of coffee, his science and his humanity.

The purpose here is not to rewrite his whole story. No.
My uncle, Dr. Illy, saddly passed away a couple of days ago. I am very sad, of course, he was an important figure of my childhood and many happy souvenirs relate to him. But I also remember one day when he was explaining the quantic theory: every infinite part of a whole can contain the whole and the inverse (this is what I got !).

And now, I think that I understand what he meant that day. I think that he is the embodyment of this theory.

These last days, I saw on http://www.illy.com all the testimonials praising his extraordinary qualities, from all over the world, in many languages. A taste of universality.
More personnally, my mind broadened a bit more at LIFT08, showing me unsuspected connections between things, between people, where emotion was a connector. A link was emerging between different elements, and I was decided to continue to “digg”, to identify such links. Strangely, the inventor of the “capsule Nespresso” was among the speakers explaining how he invented it… Illy was there! (for me). The link was starting to take shape inside of me. I already knew that my uncle had left us.
After that, I found a very interesting and thourough article on Illy caffè, which also touched me: I found an Illy coffe amateur reading an article on the internet! I wrote to the author, who in turn told me that his father, hungarian like Illy’s foundator (and mine!), started to drink Illy coffe in 1973 and that he never stopped! For him, this coffee is synonymous of special delightful moments in the day.

By allowing such intense experiences, Ernesto Illy touched people in their intimacy. Many times a day. For thousands of people. All over the world.

The universality of an emotion in the specificity of the moment. This universality becoming visible to everyone in the world through technological media and maybe reinforcing it by the way. The community of Illy espresso lovers virtually united through a real emotion.

To the infinite intimate presence of my uncle.
With all my love to him.
Dottore Ernesto Illy

100 wordpress plug ins

100 wordpress plug ins

First Post

First day at LIFT 08.

Interested in blogging for personal and professional reasons. With coach Stephanie Booth.