emotion as connection

Leman Lake. Copyright Fispace

Leman Lake. Copyright Fispace

I’ve been reading really a LOT of blogs these last days, looking for how’s and why’s to create a blog, with a particular interest for corporate blogging (more about it in next posts).
Plenty of them were rich of insights, but, I got stuck only to a few of them, without trying to analyze it.
And it is when I read this post, by Valeria Maltoni, that I found one of these “convergent tracks”: culture leading to emotion leading to connections.
Culture convokes beauty.
Beauty convokes love, emotion.
Emotion opens to others, it becomes a connector, maybe THE connector. It makes you react, engage, give. A good emotion will make you feel more generous. More loyal, too!
So, one of the challenges, with blogging, could result into how to wrap an idea, a message in order to associate the message with a pleasant feeling. Obviously without losing of sight the rational side.
So, emotion wouldn’t be the Holy Grail, just the connecting point between the content and the reaction.
From what I perceived, I could say that emotional connectors are: sincerity, art, culture, beauty. In blogs, that can be translated by:
art of writing, images, music, humour and …. what else?

I do not resist to share additional BEAUTIFUL pictures of the place I live. So much emotion in front of such beauty.

Update: A special thank you to Valeria Maltoni for her kind and great follow up with “connections as emotion“.