Don’t Buy Me a Hoover, Darling!

The trend started a couple of years ago, when a woman would’ve got an iPod for her birthday.
Not an expensive jewel.
Not a precious garment.
(not a hoover)
Something that she’d call “technology”. But was like a jewel: beauty, design, emotion.

It’s been a turning point.

At this time, I don’t know about any revolutionary impact of the iPad on society, uses, business models or whatever. But I have the feeling that women will like it.

Particularly because men seem to think that their wife will like it! (follow link to see the search on Twitter for “my wife ipad”!). Isn’t it a sign of times changing?

I liked this Tweet in particular:

Inspired by this one, too (French):

Are we witnessing a slight social shift? A breath of freedom for women?

[The hoover is over! ]

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