Digital marketing and communication audit:
How well do your existing communication and marketing tools and campaigns achieve the objectives? How well can you monitor them? How could new technologies and media help you improve your results? How could you improve the ratio costs/benefits?
Digital marketing strategy consulting:
how to bridge digital, social, mobile to your existing strategy? What tools do you need? What resources? What return can you expect? How to turn your USP into a tangible asset via digital media?


I offer coaching services at different levels and to different kind of needs: Digital strategy coaching, digital marketing day-to-day coaching, communication optimization, startup coaching (official GENILEM coach). This service is more and more demanded.

Teaching new trends in marketing and communication How to keep track of new trends?
Workshops on : email marketing, search marketing, social media for business and for personal branding: Facebook, Twitter, blogging, video; monitoring.
Coaching for individuals and companies:
helping you to take the most out of new media according to your objectives.

As already stated, things are changing quickly and deeply in the marketing and more general business environement, and you cannot afford anymore to ignore what’s happening right now. More than that, extraordinary opportunites are lying in front of you, waiting for you to grasp and embrace them with confidence and great results.
New technologies offer exciting new ways of connecting with your stakeholders in a more personal way, to install enriching relationships leading to win-win situations. It’s here, right now, so let’s dive together and harvest the best fruits together!

If you need the good start, please, contact me for a first conversation, to see to what extent I can help you.
Or fill in the following form and I’ll contact you in the next days:

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