You know it’s the crisis, when …

Swiss Jura
… you climb the Jura instead of the Alps – and enjoy!
… you buy brand new ski shoes, have a blister – and still do the bumps!
… you buy your favorite ELLE – what dress for Christmas? And you wear the same as last year’s!
… you buy an amazing camera, ask for the “blond button” – and take amazing pictures!
… you give free consulting, without even being asked – and you think “that’s the crisis!”
… you are 40 and you say: “The crisis? What crisis?” (The Midlife Downturn!)

… you step back up to the Jura, leave your sunglasses, forget that Blond Button and see the most beautiful landscape, out of the box, spreading in front of you, every snow crystal reflecting your eyes sparkling.
… You know. It’s not. The crisis.