Is This a Bohemian’s Shoe?

Vic's Slipper
No, it’s my daughter’s school’s slipper! With a huge whole instead of the sole.
When I grabbed out this dirty thing in the dark bottom of her school bag, I first bursted out of laughter. It was in such a rueful state, I couldn’t imagine that she was putting them on several times a day! Without stumbling at any step.
I remember, though, that she asked me sometimes to buy new ones, that hers were in such a bad state. That we bought new ones the day we went to the doctor, she had a fiever, could hardly walk, but wanted new slippers!
Now, I realized why. And didn’t laugh any longer.

This yawning slipper opened the small window of the doubt.

Finding the right balance is not a linear process.
The pitted slipper arrived precisely when I was experimenting a similar situation as Valeria Maltoni, that made me wonder, like her: “Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up”?

This kind of tiny incident is the opportunity to stop and think. To weigh in different elements and restaure a better balance.

Do you also have your “wholed slipper”? Did it lead you to important decisions?