3 years already. Puréééyye!

It’s been 3 years that we arrived here, on the shore of Leman Lake.
New lake, new life?

Kind of. It was a volountary decision to move, to get closer to a kind of center: surrounded by more people, more businesses, closer to the Alps, more cities, countries.

It’s striking how environment shapes your way of embracing life, how it impacts language’s structure, mentality, openness, connections, intimacy, freedom.

My home is just bigger now than before: it integrates my previous life (past, friends, places, memories) to now and here, with a different look at things. It may be the years passing by, an accumulation of experiences, the mix of all those people, blending the notion of before/after, there and here to lead to what I call “my own augmented reality”.

An example of what has changed so dramatically?

Now, I start to slow down at the green trafficlight! You never know…

It’s the sign of integration, isn’t it?
(I still don’t drive on the left lane at 120 km/h! )

Talking about my personal augmented reality, I selected a couple of images, which should talk by themselves:

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