What Can The Future Do For [You] Me? #lift11

As every year before the Lift Conference‘s kick off, I have a look back and a look forward, in order to assess where I hope and want Lift to lead me to.

Looking back from now on, I see lots of – personal – progress, human connections and new horizons made possible, as already largely evoked.
But at the same time, tools like Twitter and Facebook have become mainstream and play now a role of “talents discoverer”, trends detectors. You know the latest hype – product, platform, application, etc.., the latest success stories, case stories, and all other industry experts and reports. With good sources, you really are ahead of the wave. My favourite, as you surely already know, is Paper.li, a good curation tool. You can call yourself ” a trend watcher”, “trendhunter” or whatever trendexpert, following the maturing wave of “digital experts”.
In this context, answering to the question “What can the future do for you”, as promises the #lift11 theme is highly challenging. How to deliver a message different from what you can already find in your timeline? How to deliver added-value?

I see tracks of answers in the speakers, of course: not all of them are “mainstream” and they surely have specific angles for their presentations and outstanding qualities. Other tracks of possibilities could lie in the quantitiy and quality of “lifters” (yes, it has become an official term :-)), in the interactions arising during the workshops, in the Lift experience and other networking spaces, like the fondue.

In this context, what I expect from this promising Lift’s edition is: getting back in touch with people met at Lift, some becoming friends :-), catching up with them, getting true insights into future issues and opportunities – especially linked to marketing/social media/business model – being inspired, be it by people, Lift experience, speaches. I also set objectives for Sosoftware, having a couple of interesting meetings scheduled. I really hope to get means to cut down into the noise of some digital platforms and get true value.

Side considerations: some of friends met at Lift will be missing. I’ll regret them (you know who you are!).
I also have a special thought for a person met during my very first Lift, more precisely during the workshop where I opened this blog, with Stephanie Booth. That person was among the participants, we talked a bit and kept contact over the years. He very sadly passed away a couple of days ago, he was my age, I have a special thought for him, I know he was very respected.
Last but not least: I am looking forward to listening to @BrianSolis live tomorrow morning at a special presentation organized by Label.
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emotion as connection

Leman Lake. Copyright Fispace

Leman Lake. Copyright Fispace

I’ve been reading really a LOT of blogs these last days, looking for how’s and why’s to create a blog, with a particular interest for corporate blogging (more about it in next posts).
Plenty of them were rich of insights, but, I got stuck only to a few of them, without trying to analyze it.
And it is when I read this post, by Valeria Maltoni, that I found one of these “convergent tracks”: culture leading to emotion leading to connections.
Culture convokes beauty.
Beauty convokes love, emotion.
Emotion opens to others, it becomes a connector, maybe THE connector. It makes you react, engage, give. A good emotion will make you feel more generous. More loyal, too!
So, one of the challenges, with blogging, could result into how to wrap an idea, a message in order to associate the message with a pleasant feeling. Obviously without losing of sight the rational side.
So, emotion wouldn’t be the Holy Grail, just the connecting point between the content and the reaction.
From what I perceived, I could say that emotional connectors are: sincerity, art, culture, beauty. In blogs, that can be translated by:
art of writing, images, music, humour and …. what else?

I do not resist to share additional BEAUTIFUL pictures of the place I live. So much emotion in front of such beauty.

Update: A special thank you to Valeria Maltoni for her kind and great follow up with “connections as emotion“.