2016: Beauty & Connections

Echoing an article written in French, 2016 will see a dramatic increase in content, and, therefore, it will become more and more difficult to arise from the “mass” and make your brand/values shine.

That’s why, to all of you, in the digital world (is there any other place? ;)), I wish BEAUTY for 2016.

Beauty nestles strong bounds. Because:

Beauty is Emotion.

Beauty is Connection.

And you can find beauty – almost – anywhere:

  • Beauty of nature
  • Beauty of your engagement
  • Beauty of the community
  • Beauty of a shared moment, of the experience
  • Beauty of products
  • Beauty of creation,
  • … so much more, it’s up to you to decline this infinite list.

happy 2016 bw


Inspired by @gapingvoid:

beauty is conenction gapingvoid

But reflecting a very old credo of mine, already developed in 2008, in this article >>>