TEDxLausanne: Ideas Worth Spreading

As any participant to a TED conference, when I registered for TEDxLausanne, The Future Doesn’t Just Happen, I engaged myself to “spread ideas worth spreading”, following TED’s motto.

The conference was very rich, with many inspiring talks.

BUt the one that stroke me the most and for which I mostly wanted to attend the conference, was Michael Yaziji’s – Rethinking the structure of corporations .

No slides, a clear vision, that intends to rethink capitalism, integrating social aspects.

Coming from a finance professor at IMD, the prestigious Business School, expected ( I wrongly assumed) to perpetuate a – hard – capitalistic vision, really surprised me, and delighted me!

So it is with a huge pleasure that I share here his talk at TEDxLausanne and invite you to listen at him.. and think about what his vision could change to our daily life.

Taken from the video:

Michael Yaziji, professor at IMD http:://www.imd.org focuses especially on the relationship between corporations, NGOs and government. He has a strong interest in issues associated with sustainability and the environment, and in the role of the corporation in a changing world.

In his talk, he argues that the existing corporate structure is no longer optimally adapted to the needs of society or of corporations themselves. He proposes some bold suggestions about the modifications he sees as necessary.