Summer Chronicles – Mobile Heart

This summer revealed two unexpected functions of the mobile phone: the extension of heart beatings and the enfranchisement of the Code of Silence.

During about one month, I could feel my heart suspended to a text message, the bip!bip! echoing to living internal pulsatings. Life at the other end of the world was infusing life on this part of the Atlantic. The rythm of my heart, bong, bong, was following the bip, bip of my phone! Life is well done: I survived with very few bips! Since then, I am seriously thinking about buying an I-phone to my daughter, with this incredibly useful application, for her next stay in the States!

The enfranchisement of the Code of Silence came up this way: a group of children went on holidays with a parent of theirs. What was supposed to be cool holidays turned out into something heavy, stuffed with small hurting sentences. But the kids had grown up. They had an individual opinion and the will to have it respected. And they had a mobile phone! Game over.
That’s how, naturally, they decided to call their parents and ask them to go back home.
The mobile phone had freed their word. The mobile phone brought to the light some dark hidden aspects of human relations, allowing young people to access to a more integrated individuality. It looks like a shortcut to individual assesment, bridging generation’s gaps, accelerating a personal autonomous statement.

We all have in mind surprising, even subversive examples of the impact of the mobile phone: what are yours?