to be or not to be- a Barbie

Who are we?

Big question at which some brilliant speakers gave parts of answers at TED, related by Bruno Giussani, in LunchoverIP.

It starts with “to be or not to be”…
Is it still the fundamental question underlying “who are we” in this era where real identity is starting to merge with virtual identity? Where secrets and lies* are behind every online identity? Where is the truth? What is reality? What is identity?

I don’t have the presomption to answer those questions, I just wanted to add some thoughts:

First, I pick the most essential information among all others: statistics say: “In 2006 every month 32’000 breast augmentation surgeries were performed in the US”. It’s becoming a popular high-school graduation gift!” Too late for me! Unfortunately or fortunately??

This incredible figure comes from Chris Jordan, who shed his particular point of view in the following way:
Breast image1 Breast image2 Breast Barbies > more explanations here.

I love the idea of the Barbies! As a shortcut between many issues: image, intelligence, inside/outside, etc..

Let’s have a look at Jill Bolte Taylor, ‘s testimonial (at the same place): she had a strike in her brain’s left hemisphere . The one that tells me ” I am” and makes me feel separate from others. She says: “[I] realized I could no longer define the boundaries of my body, of where I begin and where I end, the molecules of my arm were like blended with those of the wall,[…]”

So, if my physical reality is a perception of my brain, what am I? Am I reduced to a pair of silicon “valleys”? The only one thing in me that is not a perception but tangible?
It’s strange: as if the humanity’s identity could be revealed by its “artificiality”: artificial breasts, hips, teeth, hearts…
And a flow of bits of true virtual identities, made out of truth and lies…

Oh, fortunately, our right brain’s hemisphere is there too!

Our right hemisphere is all about this very moment, righ here right now. It thinks in pictures, Information in the form of energy streams in simultaneously through all of our sensory system and then it explodes into what this present moment feels like. I’m an energy being connected to the energy all around me through the consciousness of my right hemisphere. And through that we are all connected. And in this moment we are perfect, whole, and beautiful.[…]
And she concludes:
“So who are we? We are the life horsepower of the universe, and we have the power to choose moment by moment who we want to be in the world, we can choose the consciousnesses of our right hemisphere or that of our left hemisphere. These are the “we” inside of me. Which would you choose? Which do you choose? And when? […]

We are safe! We have the choice.

And, when the doubt grasps us, we still have a solution:

the Meaning of my Life

*Secrets, lies & the possible perils of truthful technology: Genevieve Bell at LIFT 08