From Conversation to Conversion

Corporate blog – Step2: Writing down the Plan
(Step 1: The Mad Link, or how to step back to the big picture)
Following Beth Harte’s practical approach, at the point “Goal: To generate conversation around Product X (Solo), I accidentally misspelled and wrote “conversion” instead of “conversation”.
And, actually, isn’t the CONVERSION the ultimate goal of CONVERSATION? If considered in its most global acceptance?
It is the paradox of Social Media and, particulalry, the ROI issue: on one hand, it is not socially acceptable to have conversion’s objectives, taking the risk to be rejected. On the other hand, what’s the sense of putting so much effort and time in social media if not, in the end, having happier, more loyal and more customers?

Even if conversion is the addition of a mix of tools/strategies, good, sincere use of social media surely is part of the mix, as for other tools.
So, what do you think? Am I totally wrong in inviting the conversion into the conversation?

[Picture Credit: Swamibu]