Adults training as a tool for tourism destinations’ visibility

After more than 10 years training & coaching  tourism & hospitality professionnals in digital marketing, it has become obvious to me that it is an – underevaluated – strategical asset for a destination.

Bring together a maximum of destination’s partners, help them acquire the right digital skills, train them, coach them, drive them according to the destination’s positioning and USP, and you’ll witness the results. The destination will start to shine and touch new, wider, specific target potential customers. Its core values and assets will become embodied in “particle messages”, creating the overall targeted perception. And, in fine, generate leads and sales.

Throughout the years, after having developed a Diploma for tourism & hospitality professionals in Switzerland based on my own idea and initiative, the results are impressive and support the above mentioned elements.

Thank you Daniel Plancic for having supported the project (and me!), with high expectations and pertinent, sensitive, constructive remarks. Long life to this diploma, Cursus diplme gestionnaire emarketing et réseaux sociaux pour le tourisme, l’hôtellerie et la restauration – Lausanne – Claudia Benassi Faltys, formation digital marketing..

recommandation Daniel Plancic cursus diplome gestionnaire emarketing claudia benassi faltys tourisme hotellerie formation