#Tourism #Storytelling and #Digital: The Perfect Match

Tourism Professional Meeting Storytelling Tourism

Tourism Professional Meeting – Storytelling and Tourism

“A tourist product without story and roots is a valueless product. If it doesn’t trigger emotion, it becomes substituable. Stories and information encapsulated into them allow the hosts to understand the destination. They fill in landscapes, places, attractions and traditions with sense and emotion. By developing these stories with authenticity and in a living way, we strenghten the experience and, hence, the value of tourist products.” Extract taken from the Tourism Professional Meeting’s offical site, an event taking place on Dec. 5th 2014 in Sierre, Switzerland.

Digital tools will also be presented, and different actors in the field of storytelling, from filmmakers to app creators.

As already developed in details in other articles, I’m a firm believer in storytelling for tourism, it ‘s a key differentiator in this highly competitive and “normative” industry.

See the Conference full program >> http://etourism-monitor.ch/tpm/fr/content/tourism-professional-meeting-tpm
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